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Zafreen Idoo

B.C. Registered Social Worker #15614

Zafreen Idoo is a registered social worker under BCCSW.

She enjoys working with children, couples, parents, young adults, and families. She works with clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, PTSD, relationships, and family conflicts. She uses skills and diverse modalities such as problem-solving, creating healthy boundaries, person/client-centred, offering emotional support and holistic therapy, art therapy, Gottman Method etc.


She strives for creating a safe environment where individuals self-reflect and can use mindfulness techniques. She supports individuals develop safety plans, healthy routines and healthy lifestyles.


Techniques she used include but are not limited to, DBT and CBT techniques, parenting support and education, family structures, domestic abuse support, emotional regulation and emotional attachment, connecting and attuning, and role-play methods.

Zafreen speaks English fluently. 

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